KONICA MINOLTA Konica Minolta Group 1st Quarter/March 2013 Consolidated Financial Results  

Initiatives to achieve full-year forecasts

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This will be the last slide in the presentation. This slide summarizes the initiatives that will need to be focused on in order to achieve the full-year forecasts that have been maintained.
Firstly, to respond to the 5 yen rise in the assumed exchange rate with the euro, it will first be necessary to accelerate cuts in production costs to offset the strong yen in Business Technologies Business. In addition, we will work to promote sales in the United States, Japan, and emerging countries in Asia and other regions, outside the eurozone.
Furthermore, we will seek to further boost earnings in the Industrial Business and maintain the over performance that was experienced during the first quarter. This business has the advantage of not being directly affected by the weak euro.
Next, in terms of risks to note while working towards targets, we naturally have to remain aware of the expansion of the debt crisis in the eurozone, as well as the spread of the crisis beyond the eurozone. Risks include the further appreciation of the yen and worsening market conditions associated with the debt crisis in Europe in markets that purchase our products.
Finally, consideration must be given to the risk of unexpected natural disasters and accidents such as major earthquakes and abnormal weather including large floods.