Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Financial Results- For the First Half of FYE March 2017 -  

Plan - FYE March 2017 (1)

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Revised full-year plan
Net sales kept unchanged from previous forecast.
Revised operating income upward by JPY 7.0 billion from the previous forecast to JPY 81.5 billion. Increased food segment by JPY 8.0 billion and lowered pharmaceuticals segment by JPY 1.0 billion.

H2 forecasts by segment
Food segment
Maintained the targets for H2 from the previous forecast.

 - If current currency market trends remain unchanged, raw material costs procuring from abroad may not increase as anticipated.

 - There are some concerns of a downturn in consumer sentiment.

 - Sales of yogurt in Q4 last year grew significantly. May not exceed largely.

 - Our subsidiary in Hokkaido was damaged by typhoon in this summer; recovery takes time and need investment.

Pharmaceuticals segment
Our sales target for H2, JPY 102.5 billion, is unchanged from the previous forecast.
Because upfront payment was already paid in Q2, we examined previous forecast, especially fixed sales cost. Accordingly we revised our H2 operating income forecast to JPY 10.3 billion, a JPY 2.1 billion upward revision.
Note: JPY 2.1 billion is not the amount of upfront payment.