KONICA MINOLTA 3rd Quarter/March 2012 Consolidated Financial Results  


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The Group overall posted a 1% decline in net sales and a 36% increase in operating income year on year. The Business Technologies Business made the biggest contribution to stronger earnings. Robust sales of profitable color products in both the office field and the production print field acted as the main earnings driver. As a result, this business recorded higher sales and income year on year.

In the Optics Business, given the effects from production adjustments of customers, which started last summer, and the flooding in Thailand, the business remained generally sluggish. However, with the continued strength of TAC films for LCD polarizers (hereinafter referred to as "TAC films"), and the effects of comprehensive cost cutting in the overall field, earnings increased despite the lower sales.

The Healthcare Business continued to post lower sales and income. Sales volumes of our digital medical input equipment, CR (Computed Radiography) and DR (Digital Radiography), were higher on a year-on-year basis, boosted by the launch of new products, but sales volumes of films for medical use declined in Japan and other developed countries.