KONICA MINOLTA 3rd Quarter/March 2012 Consolidated Financial Results  


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In the Business Technologies Business, net sales for the third quarter of the current fiscal year reached ¥131.9 billion, rising ¥1.6 billion year on year. Excluding the effects of the strong yen, sales rose 7%, and both the office field and the production field maintained steady momentum.

In the office field, sales of color products remained strong in all regions. Net sales fell ¥1.4 billion on a yen basis, but actually increased 4% on a local currency basis, excluding the effects of exchange rates. In the production print field, sales of color equipment also remained steady. As a result, net sales increased ¥3.0 billion, or 14% on a yen basis. Excluding the exchange effects, sales rose 20%.

For reference, the sales growth rates in the four markets of Japan, the United States, Europe, and China are presented on a local currency basis. Sales in both the office and the production print fields rose in all markets. Although not shown in the slide, sales growth rates by market in the overall Business Technologies Business including the two fields were 1% in Japan, 11% in the United States, 7% in Europe, and 9% in China. The rate in Japan was flat ahead of the fourth quarter period of peak demand, but sales in mainstay Western markets remained steady.

I'd like to touch on concerns over a slowdown in sales of office equipment in Europe. As far as the Company's sales are concerned, despite the appreciation of the yen continuing toward the end of the year, the Company maintained higher sales in October, November, and December even on a yen basis, with steady year-on-year growth of 5%, 9%, and 7%, respectively. While the sales growth in the production print field contributed significantly to these results, the office field also achieved what were effectively higher year-on-year sales each month. In southern and certain other European markets, given the effects of the debt problems, there are some cases of large projects being suspended or cancelled in both the public and private sectors. Yet despite this difficult environment, the Company achieved strong results, notably because of higher sales of color products, by taking advantage of the strong sales foundation it possesses in Europe.