KONICA MINOLTA 3rd Quarter/March 2012 Consolidated Financial Results  


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Net sales for the third quarter declined ¥2.5 billion from the same period of the previous fiscal year, to ¥27.7 billion, but operating income came to ¥2.5 billion, a ¥0.4 billion year-on-year increase. The negative impact of the flooding in Thailand was approximately ¥3.0 billion on net sales and approximately ¥1.0 billion on operating income.

Looking at overall results, net sales remained stagnant, given the effects of production adjustments by digital home appliance manufacturers and other customers since last summer and the flooding in Thailand. Still, TAC films performed steadily, with robust results from both VA-TAC and plain TAC, helped by the introduction of new products. The Company's market share has also been growing.