KONICA MINOLTA Konica Minolta Inc. 1st Quarter/March 2015 Consolidated Financial Results  

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Next, I will explain non-hardware sales in the Business Technologies Business.
The ratio of non-hardware sales in the office product field amounted to 54%, an increase of 1% from the previous year. Excluding foreign exchange rate effects, sales increased by 0.8%. In the case of Konica Minolta, since the share of color PV is increasing, the price per print is on a downward trend while non-hardware sales in the office product field currently remain on an upward swing mainly in Europe and the United States.
Conversely, the ratio of non-hardware sales in the production print field increased to 56% and the sales growth rate has recently been maintained at the high level of 13.1%. In this field, color MIF (Machines In the Field) has increased markedly and there has been dramatic growth in color PV (Print Volume). Although there was a tendency in the past to generate profit in the fourth quarter in the production print field, we posted year-on-year growth from the first quarter due to an increase in MIF. Looking at the regional breakdown, growth was reported in each region, showing that we have entered a stage of full-scale contribution to income.