KONICA MINOLTA Konica Minolta Inc. 1st Quarter/March 2015 Consolidated Financial Results  


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Net sales increased by 7% year on year in the Business Technologies Business overall. Sales were up 5% in the office service field and 13% in the commercial/industrial print field.
In analyzing the respective factors behind the changes in operating income, the effect of foreign exchange rates amounted to ¥2.8 billion and the Company took steps to maintain market price so the impact was limited. In sales volume change and others, sales expansion of MFPs and digital printing systems led to an increase of ¥3.0 billion. Manufacturing cost reduction totaled ¥1.4 billion with progress in line with the full-year plan of ¥6.0 billion.
On the other hand, SG&A increases included ¥2.7 billion in advance investment. As a breakdown of this, R&D expenses amounted to ¥1.0 billion and costs associated with new consolidations through M&A's and founding of new companies as well as the establishment of Business Innovation Centers totaled ¥1.7 billion.
In order to achieve the business objectives of the medium term business plan, we planned to make advance investment of ¥8.0 billion overall in the current fiscal year and we progressed according to plan in the first quarter.