KONICA MINOLTA Konica Minolta Inc. 1st Quarter/March 2015 Consolidated Financial Results  

Performance materials ? sales performance

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The performance materials business consists of the TAC film domain. This domain has changed drastically compared with initial expectations.
First, products for LCD TVs grew more than we had expected. Large TVs over the 40-inch size performed better than expected and we also succeeded in cultivating new customers, which resulted in a year-on-year increase in sales of VA-TAC films for increasing viewing angle. Thin-film products for smartphones and tablets were solid as well. Moreover, in notebook PCs, the market was more favorable than we had anticipated and the first quarter was characterized by a number of excellent conditions. As a result, sales volumes increased substantially, which led to the performance we posted in the first quarter.
Aside from notebook PCs, we are forecasting favorable conditions to continue from the second quarter onward.