Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Financial Results - For the FYE March 2016 -  

Food: Health-oriented Food Market is Expanding - Promote Our Unique Value to Increase Market Share

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For Food, boost market share for core products with a focus on health.
 Market of yogurt, chocolate, and sports nutritionals is growing.
 Address each issue to achieve growth that outperforms the market
  Functional yogurt - Achieve sustainable, stable growth
  Chocolate and nutritionals business - Accelerate growth

 Health-oriented foods are a major trend
  -Competition expected to get stricter
 Meiji has advantages
  -Outstanding R&D capabilities for Lactobacillus, cocoa, etc.
  -Product design technology based on scientific expertise in food/nutrition
  -Consumer-centric marketing mix that utilizes Meijiís advantages