Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Financial Results - For the FYE March 2016 -  

Pharma: Expand overseas business into core business that rivals domestic operations

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Pharmaceutical business
 Increase overseas sales

Medreich Ltd., subsidiary in India
 Invest approx. 2.0 billion yen
  Secure production capacity of 3 billion pills/year for Japanese market
  Scheduled to start exporting to Japan by FYE March 2018

Asian market
 Expand sales in ASEAN countries
  Potential to grow into massive market
   Have local offices in India, Indonesia, and Thailand, countries easy accessibility to other ASEAN regions
  Focus on core products and core markets

CMO/CDMO business
 Outsourcing demand among global mega-pharma companies is growing
 Achieve growth by capturing this demand