Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Financial Results - For the FYE March 2016 -  

Food: Realize Solid Growth in Overseas Markets

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Overseas expansion for food segment
 Expand businesses in China and USA

 Expand sales in 3 businesses: milk & yogurt, chocolate, and ice cream
 Use synergy effect to increase brand recognition
  Milk & yogurt
   Increase number of stores selling Meiji products
   Meltykiss is popular for wedding confectioneries - Expand sales territory
   Expand exports to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
  Ice cream
   Conduct effective sales promotions in the summer
   Move into the black ASAP

 Meiji brand chocolate snacks performing favorably
  Hello Panda, Chocorooms, Chococones, Yan Yan
  Started local production of Hello Panda, expand sales