Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. Financial Results - For the FYE March 2016 -  

Pharma: Offset NHI Drug Price Revisions to Achieve Further Growth

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Pharmaceutical segment
 Offset 9.2 billion yen in incomes losses due to NHI price revisions to continue growth.

Domestic ethical pharmaceuticals
 Maintaining strong presence with No. 2 share for both systemic antibacterial drugs and antidepressant drugs
 Release new drugs in areas of strength for both brand-name and generic markets.
  -Sycrest, antipsychotic drug, is scheduled for release in May.
  -Anti-allergy drug, COPD drugs
  -Enhance generic lineup
 Promote those new drugs together with existing products and maximize the first year sales.

Agrochemical and veterinary drugs
 Accelerate selection and concentration and improve profitability break-even
 Continue structural reforms to establish a stable profit structure